What People Are Saying

  • “The great thing about the New Voices program is its attention to removing health barriers to inclusion. This recognizes the importance of school health services as a key element in assuring access and student achievement for New Voices children.”

    - Mayrilyn Asay, Retired State School Nurse Consultant, NC Department of Health and Human Services
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  • “As a community leader, I was deeply moved by the challenges many local families face in their efforts to provide an inclusive and supportive educational environment for their elementary-aged children with physical and communicative disabilities. New Voices provides much needed advocacy to help these children reach their potential.”

    - Eugene Lofton, Merck Inc. executive
  • “New Voices Foundation has proven to be essential to raising public awareness of the needs of children with severe communication and mobility disabilities and advocating for them. We look forward to continuing to help the organization explore innovative ways to enhance the learning environments for these children, their teachers and their care providers.”

    - David Clinton, Principal, Szostak Design
  • “In many years of practice as a pediatric physical therapist, I have often felt frustrated when my clients with severe physical and communication issues entered public school – those children require an investment of time and expertise that was often difficult to provide. New Voices is addressing that situation in a way that benefits the children, their parents, their teachers and their therapists. The long-term payoff will be enormous!”

    - Susan Attermeier, Professional Physical Therapist in Private Practice
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  • “Every child deserves a safe learning environment where they are connected, they are appreciated, and they can flourish. New Voices offers access to schooling for children who would otherwise be isolate during a time of challenge. For a child, attending school is a key part of “normal” life and New Voices makes this possible. What a wonderful gift!”

    - Mary Ruth Coleman, Ph.D. is a Senior Scientist at the FPG Child Development Institute at UNC-CH
  • “As a parent of a child who had communication and physical challenges, I know first hand what a difference an organization like New Voices can make in the lives of the children and their families. As a former teacher and special educator, I know the value of the training opportunities that New Voices provides. I cannot think of a more worthwhile non-profit to support!”

    - Missy Lohr Parent , Special Educator and co-founder of New Voices
  • “The distinguishing feature of the New Voices program is its provision of support for and professional development of teachers as they are expected to teach and work with New Voices children. Without that focus, inclusion is difficult if not impossible to achieve.”

    - Bill McNeal, former Wake Public Schools Superintendent, Former Executive Director of the NC Association of School Administrators and 2005 National Superintendent of the Year
  • “New Voices is engaging with schools and families to take active, responsive steps to provide voices for children whose needs have been too long overlooked in our communities. School is the work of children and all children have the right to all the support they need to learn and grow and become authentic participants in their communities. They have a lot to say…New Voices is developing ways for all of us to be able to listen!”

    - Patricia Porter Health and Human Services Consultant to the NC General Assembly
  • “As we begin the college process with SATs and campus visits, I realize how easily things could have been different for my daughter, Kay. She has been the “perfect storm” in a good way, showing how a kid that can’t read out loud or write a sentence can be included in a regular classroom. This is what New Voices is all about—chances, technology, and support. With your help, we can create more chances for kids like Kay!”

    - Sandy McMillan, former IBMer, parent of a New Voices child and New Voices Board member
  • “A unique feature of the New Voices program is its requirement that each New Voices child have a medical home. Many New Voices children have special health needs. Unless health barriers to inclusion are removed, educational inclusion is difficult and hampered ; a smart part of the New Voices service model .”

    - Dr. Olson Huff, Pediatrician, former Director of the Ruth and Billy Graham Center at Mission St Joseph’s Hospital in Asheville, and Chairman of the NC Partnership for Children
  • “The impressive thing about the New Voices program is the emphasis on early identification and prevention. And the continuing support for children as they move through their education experiences.”

    - Bill Fletcher, former Wake Co. Public Schools Board Chair and Keller Williams Realtor, Raleigh
  • “New Voices Children are children after all and have the same needs and aspirations of all children, and a bit more. There is no reason that their communication and mobility challenges cannot be successfully addressed in a way that will allow full inclusion in our schools and community. New Voices does that.”

    - Don Stedman, retired Dean of Education at UNC Chapel Hill and co-founer of New Voices