Our Plans

New Voices strives to improve educational opportunities for children with severe communication and mobility disabilities. One way that New Voices is accomplishing this is by training and supporting teachers and other professionals who work directly with children with communication and mobility challenges. This unique private/public partnership is a model that can be replicated in other North Carolina regions, and across the country.

New Voices  is working on a partnership with a school district to establish the New Voices Assessment Classroom and Assistive Technology lab.  From this partnership, research data will be gathered about the most effective ways to assess and teach children with communication and physical challenges. Plans to replicate the model are underway.

In the classroom

Activities that improve the ability to:

  • Assess student potential for learning.
  • Provide assistive technology devices.
  • Adapt curriculum and teaching materials.
  • Provide physical assistance for mobility
  • Provide health and medical care
  • Transition students to mainstream classrooms.

Across the region

Professional education and training

  • Train teachers and other professionals.
  • Educate future teachers.
  • Create modules for pre-professionals in health care.
  • Offer Continuing Education for medical and allied health personnel.

Science and technology

  • Create assistive technology libraries and labs in schools.
  • Improve family access to devices.
  • Involve designers, manufacturers with parents, school professionals and children.
  • Engage professionals from genetics to neurosurgery in joint research and provide fellowships.

Policies, practices and systems.

  • Help parents navigate the system.
  • Conduct needs surveys – parents, teachers, others.
  • Research to discover best practices.
  • Review public policies and recommend modifications.

In the broader community

Outreach designed to improve awareness and involvement

  • Conduct special events, film screenings.
  • Generate connections via social media.
  • Cooperate with like-minded organizations.
  • Establish business partnerships.