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Lara Jane Parker Awards
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The Lara Jane Parker Awards Program was established to provide both reward and recognition to those outstanding teachers, therapists, parents, education and health professionals and leaders who work daily to improve the lives of New Voices children. These individuals help improve their schools and their communities in ways that will allow these children to be fully included in all aspects of their daily lives.  Recipients are honored with a $500 cash award at an annual ceremony.  

2019 Award Recipients

Rena Dadolf, Jennifer Lawson,

Tonya Recktenwald, and Lucas Harris

Provide Scholarships to professionals

New Voices funds training scholarships to teachers, speech therapists, and others  who work with New Voices kids. Working with these children requires unique skills, different strategies and sophisticated equipment. With the help of your donations, we ensure the dedicated professionals who work with New Voices kids have the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to help New Voices children find a method to communicate and learn.    

Provide Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology makes the world more accessible for New Voices children. It gives children with communication and physical disabilities a way to communicate and live more fulfilled and integrated lives. New Voices provides needed equipment to school systems.  

A few examples of AT include:

  • A computer that can be programmed to talk for children who cannot speak

  • Wheelchairs for children who cannot walk

  • Page turners for children who can not use their hands 

  • Large screen computers for children who have difficulty with small print

  • Remote control switches (often mounted on a wheelchair) which can operate toys, lamps, TVs, computers and other appliances

increase Community Awareness & Advocacy

Our foundation's motto is "just because you can't speak, doesn't mean you don't have something to say."  

New Voices Foundation advocates for children with severe disabilities to raise awareness about their underestimated potential. 

New Voices Foundation partnered with Footpath Pictures to film a documentary, Certain Proof: A Question of Worthdepicting the difficulties children with speech/mobility issues face to demonstrate their abilities in an educational setting that is not designed for their success. New Voices sponsors screenings to raise awareness. Please contact New Voices if you are interested in hosting a screening and would like one of the cast members to attend. 

New Voices also increases awareness with the award winning book, Out of My Mind,  by Sharon Draper.  Please contact New Voices if you are interested in organizing an event with Ms. Draper.  She has sponsored school visits, book signings, and visits with North Carolina's future teachers to share her fictional New Voices child, Melody. 

Provide Resources and Family Support

New Voices maintains a directory of disability resources on our website for national, state, and county specific resources in North Carolina.  We also are available to families to discuss the challenges of raising a child with severe disabilities. Please contact us, we would love to hear from you.  

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